Not Your Average Asian

Sure Elizabeth loves Hello Kitty, but one crack at this fortune cookie and you'll find confidence, razor sharp wit, beauty, smarts, and a little bit of soy sauce.

Hailing from a suburb near San Francisco, Elizabeth grew up around yuppies, Silicon Valley, and fog. After wasting her parents' money at a College-Prep High School, Elizabeth said "adios" to the Bay Area and "hello" to another wonderful money-pit known as the University of Southern California.

In all seriousness, Elizabeth is honored to be a graduate of USC's Theatre Program. USC provided Elizabeth with the confidence, acting chops, and professionalism that has jump-started her successes in Hollywood.

At this point, you can click here to be guided to her credits. They're long and on another page. Go ahead. Click it. It won't give you an H1N1.

Elizabeth has an unhealthy obsession with pandas, technology, Star Trek, and PUPPIES!

...but keep them away from her, because as we all know, Asian people eat dogs.


  • StageSceneLA Award for Outstanding Performance By a Lead Actress/Comedy
  • Arizoni Best Actress Nomination
  • Ava Greenwald Memorial Award Nomination
  • David Dukes Scholarship Finalist
  • Vision Series: Choreography Award for Upcoming Choreographers
  • Oregon Shakespeare Festival Junior to Senior Program Recipient
  • Best New Talent Best Actress Award
  • Best New Talent Best Singer Award
  • Miss Teen Chinatown
  • Miss San Francisco Oustanding Teenager
  • Miss Hillsborough USA