East West Players

"As Teena, [Ho is] a sexy ball of fire, a charismatic stage presence, and sparkling comedianne"

"[The cast] is joined by Teena (an amusing Elizabeth Ho)"

"Ho adroitly sketches the faux-naïve porn starlet"

"Elizabeth Ho was able to walk that fine line of being a porn starlet without making the role dirty or campy, but humorous and loveable"
       -Asians on Film

"Elizabeth gave us a porn star that was hopeful and admirable ... It’s a strong cast."
       -Dom Magwili

"...when [Sab] Shimono finds his groove, which tends to be in the fliratious exchanges with the exuberant Ho, Wrinkles turns into what it should be."
       -Los Angeles Downtown News

"Add to this...[Ho] who provides compassion and understanding"

Grace Kim & The Spiders From Mars

Lodestone Theatre Ensemble

“Ho [is a] terrific actor with real star potential. If nothing else, I’ll remember [Grace Kim] as the play that introduced me to Ho ...whose career I look forward to following.”

“Charismatic Ho ... performs with a stylish authenticity.“
         -LA Weekly

Elizabeth Ho skillfully pulls off this quirky, conflicted character on her journey.”
        -The Rafu Shimpo

“Elizabeth Ho's dry tone and quick wit is perfect for Grace... “
        -Asia Pactific Arts


East West Players

“More successful is Ho's ultra-sympathetic Reiko, who never fails to enliven the production whenever she is onstage.” 

“...the angelically white clad secretary Reiko Tanaka, fetchingly depicted by Elizabeth Ho, who is anything but ho-hum.” 
        -Los Angeles Journal

The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow

ActorsTheatre, Scottsdale

“And then there's the robot. Elizabeth perfect: Behind an expressionless face, she registers real emotion as she grows into something more human ... and embarks on Jennifer's journey of vicarious self discovery.” 
        -Tribune, East Valley, Scottsdale

“Ho’s Jenny is an anime character personified, and her transformation from robotic into near-humanity is wonderfully created, from her AI voice through her jerky movements to her heartbreaking innocence.”
        -Goldfish Publishers Review